The Work

Is where we find reward

Every day we get to do what we love most

Who we're working with

It's one thing to love what you do. It's another to love who you're doing it for.

"Every man has his own patch of earth to cultivate. What's important is that he dig deep." Jose Saramago


It’s not just a retreat. It’s the freedom to be.


Committed to shareholders, innovation, and the Native way of life.


Ensuring success for young people through affordable Internet.


Providing cloud-delivered network solutions.



Building a new home for Seattle’s music community.



Creating visual solutions to unseen WiFi problems.

Next Steps Idaho

Preparing young Idahoans for college, work, and life.

Seattle Channel

Helping Seattleites discover their city through award winning programming.

Seattle Humane

A first-of-its-kind shelter and adoption center focused on animal health and happiness.


Amplifying the voice of Seattle’s public radio.

Town Hall

A stage for the city that buzzes with ideas and action.

The Valley School

Celebrating the power of childhood.

Washington State University

Advocating for higher education across Washington State.


Celebrating community and supporting Seattle’s young musicians.

Seattle Met

Celebrating 10 years at the heart of the city.

Starbucks Reserve

Sharing a love of coffee and the stories behind the beans.